Honda PFS NT1100


Client : Honda France
Mission : Organize 2 NT1100’s training days while respecting the COVID sanitary conditions !

What a challenge in the middle of the Covid era to bring together the dealers after almost 2 years of health restrictions in the world of events.
191 participants to be trained theoretically and on the road: The solution was taken last October by creating 4 groups of 50 people who will follow each other, without crossing paths and living the same experience.
A challenge which was a real success around a plenary session, during which each dealer sitting on their NT1100 was able to immerse himself in the machine, followed by the driving supervised by our marshals and by the team of trainers.
The next day, 40 minutes of driving to finish with 3 thematic workshops in small groups.
The Domaine de Preissac was the perfect site to host this 2-day rotating training.